The Writing Process

Writing is a creative process, but there’s also the technical aspect. When you base the process on certain principles, you write content that more people want to read.

Here are some of the reasons why so many writers can’t reach out their online audience:

  • They don’t bother with proper punctuation. How can you hope someone will read a huge piece of text with only few sentences and barely any punctuation? Want to guarantee your reader will click the back button? Show them a wall of text.
  • Grammar no longer matters to the casual online writers. But they are fooling themselves. Even if a reader isn’t aware of specific grammar rules, he still recognizes illiteracy. It’s fine to use slang and casual style, but that doesn’t mean you can ditch all principles and invent your own language.
  • They get distracted. You’ll lose your reader when you jump from one topic to another without any transitions.
  • They procrastinate. This ‘technique’ leads to the creation of boring content. You need to publish a post today, but you spent the last few days watching TV shows. So you write something in a hurry. You use the first idea that comes to mind and write something for the sake of publishing. Compelling content takes time and effort.
  • They don’t use the right technology. Sure for some an open document in MS Word works. But with all the great tools at our disposal these days, technology is here to save your writing day.

How many times have you come across a blog article with an awesome starting point but with such boring content that it lost your attention somewhere along the way?

Unfortunately, so many online writers struggle with this everyday. They write as their thoughts flow, so their articles end up a complete mess. While a huge chunk of text may be good, nobody wants to read it.

And there’s a good chance that this is something you also struggle with. With so much on your plate as a solopreneur, writing engaging content often proves challenging.

So is there a recipe for creating absolutely unique and attention grabbing content that can lure even those with short attention span?

Resist the urge to be resistant to technology.

Use any number of online tools and apps to make the planning, writing, formatting, and editing aspects of your work easier. In addition to simplifying your writing routine, with these tools you’ll achieve another important goal: creating appealing content that holds your reader’s attention.


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