How to Make Your Readers And Customers Love You

The easier you make it for readers to understand your content, the more it gets shared socially, forwarded, and linked to from other sites. In a blog post about how to make your customers feel all …

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How To Write In The First Person

It seems that writing in 1st person should be limited in use.

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Does the title interest you? Perhaps you are wondering what there is to say on this topic, other than using “I” instead of “he”. While it is not complex, the first person is one of the most delicate and nuanced areas of writing.

Treat it with the appropriate skill and caution, and you can achieve literary greatness. Treat the first person poorly and risk sounding like a footballer’s memoir.

Not a footballer's memoir Not a footballer’s memoir


This is relevant to both fiction and non-fiction. Using the first person makes the narrator seem like less of an authority. A study reported in The Wall Street Journal found that people who say “I” more often are viewed as subordinate.

For your blog and non-fiction writing the relevance of this is obvious. If you want to sound knowledgeable about a subject, limit how often you refer to yourself. You might notice that my blog posts…

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