How to Publish Your Book.

It’s the most frequently asked question I receive: How do I get my book published? This post is regularly updated to offer the most critical information for writers new to the publishing indu…

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What’s in a Name- Short Story – ‘E’ for Eric – Alone


Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

The name Eric is derived from the Old Norse name Eirikr and means ‘one’, ‘alone’ or in certain parts of Scandinavia ‘eternal’.

What’s in a Name – ‘E’ for Eric – Alone.

Eric stood in front of the mirror and for a moment deliberately avoided putting his glasses on. All he could see was a blur and therefore could just about pass muster. Behind him he could feel the presence of his wife Billie and knew what she was going to say.

‘Eric, love you have let yourself go,’ there would be disappointment in her voice.

He slipped his spectacles on and his image immediately appeared all too clearly. He did a quick head to toe scrutiny. Muddy red hair streaked with grey, too long about the ears and hanging over the neck of his dressing gown. Three days’ worth of beard as he only shaved once a week when…

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Smorgasbord Easter Egg Hunt – Bloggers who are ‘Jolly good eggs’

Good Friday to all!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

It is Easter and no doubt there will be chocolate!  Oh yes!.  I am not fully present here on the blog at the moment as I am busy filling boxes with items I cannot part with and charity bags with things I hope will bring others pleasure.

However, there are somethings I cannot part with and with the power of the Internet, I can thankfully take with me wherever I go. This bunch of ‘Jolly Good Eggs’ as they used to say back in the flapper days of the 20s…. are coming with me and if you are not already following their blogs or on social media then there is no time like the present.

There are so many supportive and talented bloggers that are part of the community and I simply could not find an egg to fit everyone in so this is a very small selection.

Just click…

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How to Use Amazon Categories to Increase your Rankings

Great advice from a great guy

Nicholas C. Rossis

I have mentioned the importance of Amazon Categories as far as rankings are concerned in my post, I Just Published my Book. Now What?

Here is a rough guide to how many copies a book needs to sell to reach a certain rank in Amazon US, courtesy of Jackie Weger.

Amazon US rankings | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books

This daunting figure, however, is only true when one thinks of the major categories – eg. “Books > Literature & Fiction.” The further one goes down the various subcategories, the easier it is to reach #1 in that sublisting.

I recently came across a great post on the subject by Jen Bresnick, so I thought I’d revisit this topic with a detailed how-to.

What is my Category?

When you look up a listing for a book on Amazon, scroll down past the reviews to the section titled “Look for similar items by category”.  If you visit the page…

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How To Write In The First Person

It seems that writing in 1st person should be limited in use.

Useless Book Club

Does the title interest you? Perhaps you are wondering what there is to say on this topic, other than using “I” instead of “he”. While it is not complex, the first person is one of the most delicate and nuanced areas of writing.

Treat it with the appropriate skill and caution, and you can achieve literary greatness. Treat the first person poorly and risk sounding like a footballer’s memoir.

Not a footballer's memoir Not a footballer’s memoir


This is relevant to both fiction and non-fiction. Using the first person makes the narrator seem like less of an authority. A study reported in The Wall Street Journal found that people who say “I” more often are viewed as subordinate.

For your blog and non-fiction writing the relevance of this is obvious. If you want to sound knowledgeable about a subject, limit how often you refer to yourself. You might notice that my blog posts…

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